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Product warranty and warranty

First, guarantee

1. Our company guarantees that the equipment provided to the demander is a new, complete and unused quality and quantity of new products.

2. In order to support the operation and maintenance of the system equipment, our company guarantees that the technical materials and drawings provided are complete, clear and correct.

Second, installation and commissioning

1. Our company will assign professional and technical personnel to the site for installation and commissioning. During the installation and commissioning process, our technical staff will be absolutely responsible for the equipment. Scientific installation and commissioning will be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the technical solution and the technical specifications of the product. If there are special circumstances, some installation plans must be changed and negotiated with the manufacturer. Our company will fully ensure that the installation and commissioning completion time is consistent with the agreed time of both parties. If the project delay is required due to natural or manufacturer reasons, the two parties will negotiate to resolve it.

2. Qualification standards for commissioning: For the original manufacturer to import hardware equipment, the standard specified by the original manufacturer's instructions shall be used as the standard. For the system connection part that needs to be solved by our technology, we will use the technical solutions confirmed by both parties as the standard.

Third, the use of training

After the commissioning of this system is opened, our company provides system operation training for the relevant security operators of the user free of charge. Training content includes privilege function operation, troubleshooting, maintenance instructions and other items.

Our company will provide detailed product specifications, system instruction manuals and system maintenance instructions according to the system list.

The following training will be provided to the use and security management personnel:

System function use, system practical maintenance, routine maintenance of system equipment.

Fourth, the warranty

The purpose of the warranty: timely response, resolve as soon as possible, and ensure the use.

Warranty period: one year;

After the warranty period: for equipment failure, paid or free service according to size. Parts that need to be replaced will be available at a cost price.

Fault response time: response within 1 hour, free on-site service within 1 working day.


If the device user finds that the problem cannot be solved by himself during the use, he can directly contact with the company by telephone, fax, internet, letter, etc. Our company will respond within 1 hour and solve it quickly with the user. .

In the normal use and storage warranty period, our company is responsible for the quality of the equipment. If the product quality fails, our company will repair and replace the parts free of charge. During the warranty period, if the equipment is found to be inconsistent with the technical parameters listed in the scheme or contract, or the equipment cannot operate normally, our company will unconditionally replace the relevant equipment according to the manufacturer's factory technical parameters to meet the corresponding reasonable requirements and normal use.

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

a. Normal wear and consumable parts of the equipment.

b. Equipment problems caused by the user's unauthorized modification or improper use of the device.

c. Failure due to natural disasters or war damage.

After the completion of the project, Party B will continue to maintain the system for life and continuously improve the upgrade of system functions. For hardware equipment that needs to be added, only component costs will be charged.

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