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Jiangsu Oubang Pipe Clamp Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Jiangsu Oubang Pipe Clamp Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and processing of various types of pipe clamps, valves and other products, and is well managed. The company has all kinds of stamping equipment, producing all kinds of hydraulic lubrication equipment accessories mainly based on pipe clamps. The products are widely used in hydraulics of machine tools, metallurgy, mining, heavy machinery, engineering machinery, construction machinery, ships, agricultural machinery and other industries. The pneumatic pipe is fixed and can work normally in various high and low temperature environments.

With the large-scale use of automation equipment in metallurgy, petroleum, shipbuilding, aerospace, military, chemical, electric power and other industries, it has provided a huge market for pipeline fittings. The annual demand for pipe clamps alone amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars. The Oubang pipe clamp has been distributed in more than 120 regions across the country. It has established long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known pipeline companies at home and abroad, and has more than 800 customers nationwide. It has provided favorable conditions for the comprehensive development of our company, and truly achieved the carrier enterprise of China's pipe clamp and pipeline manufacturing enterprises.

The company will continue to maintain the principle of low price and high quality, abide by the values of integrity, pragmatism, innovation and win-win, and always take the principle of customer first. Where our products are sold, we have our three-dimensional, humanized and efficient services. This is our constant commitment. In the future development, we will further increase R&D investment, increase market coverage, enhance market competitiveness, and enable more customers to enjoy our honest, fast and comprehensive quality services.

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